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Four factions vie for galactic supremacy, each with their own goals, motivations and technology. Will you get caught up in the war? As a freelance merc or pledge allegiance to a faction. Or will you play sides? Work the war for profits as a smuggler, trader, or an honest worker.

Obviously you can't do all that in the demo.

As of now you can:

- Purchase Ships at the Station (for free)

- Purchase Weapons

- Dock with the Station

- AI Spawn Automatically

- Target / Inspect AI Ships + Planets

- Take Over Planets

Controls :

Explained In Game

Please play in 1920x1080.


- Initial Ship starts with items equipped.

- Fixed a bug where you could Dock with the station without Engines + Power

- Fixed a bug where UI would "sink" into the planet mesh.

- Fixed a bug regarding zoom not remembering previous levels after performing a map zoom.

- Zoom area increased (to accommodate larger ships)

- NPC spawns reduced, stress test needed.

- Fixed a bug where you could insert any item into weapon slots (e.g. Engine -> Weapon slot)

- Fixed a bug where ships would explode more than once, and "splits" would regenerate their shields.

- Various minor bug fixes

Twitter : @directivedev

Tumblr: directivedev.tumblr.com

More information

Published106 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Shooter, Space Sim, Top-Down, Top down shooter, unity2d
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download + Unzip into a folder


DirectiveDemoDay10_3.7z (33 MB)